Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

At Akiş REIT, we embrace a management approach grounded in corporate governance values and conduct our operations in accordance with the principles of transparency, accountability, fairness, and responsibility.

An independent organization assesses our corporate governance performance annually within the framework of the Capital Markets Board (CMB) Corporate Governance Principles. In this context, our Corporate Governance Rating Score for 2023 was announced as 9.64. With this rating, we have once again demonstrated our commitment to corporate governance and transparency, maintaining our position as the company with the highest Corporate Governance Rating in our sector.

Our Corporate Governance Ratings by Years

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Our Ethical Principles

Responsibility: We are aware of our responsibilities.
Honesty: We communicate openly and honestly.
Trust and Equality: We treat each other equally and fairly.
Confidentiality: We protect proprietary information belonging to our Group, each other and other stakeholders.
Compliance with the Law: We keep reliable records and reports. We comply with the law.
Our Customers: We communicate with our customers consistently, fairly and with care, approaching them on equal commercial basis.
Our Colleagues: We always treat each other fairly and with respect. We build trust-based, consistent and honest relationships.
Our Products: We always hold the safety and quality of our services and products in the highest regard.
Our Suppliers: We evaluate our suppliers fairly and on a like-for-like basis. We act diligently in our relations with our suppliers.
Our Competitors: We compete legally and fairly.
Environment: We protect the environment and act with the principle of sustainability.