Contribution to Social Development

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Contribution to Social Development

As Akiş REIT, we focus on creating added value for society with our motto ‘Your happiness is at the core of everything we do’ and continue to make investments that contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Our Social Responsibility Projects

Yaşam Akademisi

Introduced in 2015, Yaşam Akademisi (Life Academy) provides a fresh and engaging platform, offering content that spans from fundamental health information to beauty tips, personal development, and enriching conversations. Yaşam Akademisi, which engaged with 40,000 individuals through 180 special interviews featuring 80 esteemed expert guests from 2015 to 2019, persists in sharing its content. It is evolving into a significant life-oriented platform, reaching around 100,000 people through its social media accounts, website, and YouTube videos.

Sustainability Team

The Sustainability Team, consisting of 17 employees from all levels of the Company, has been working on a voluntary basis since 2021. In 2022, led by the Sustainability team, events open to company employees’ participation, such as shelter visits, elderly care home visits, coastal cleanup activities, and collaborative projects with associations, were organized. Additionally, 6 Sustainability Bulletins were published to share insights on environmental, social, managerial issues and best practices.

people-hands-planting-small-tree-sunset-concept-save-earth (Büyük)

Ecording Seed Afforestation Project

At Akasya and Akbatı, in collaboration with Ecording, we are utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles, named ecodrones, to plant cedar and red pine tree seed balls in areas that are challenging to afforest, contributing to the sustainability of ecological life. During the reporting period, we planted 60,000 seed balls. We aim to plant 30,000 more seed balls in 2023. Including 2023, we introduced a total of 149,00 seed balls to nature.

AÇEV A Reading Future Project

On April 23rd, we hosted the AÇEV Reading a Future project, with the aim of providing books to 100 thousand children at Akasya and Akbatı. In addition to offering an enjoyable and awareness-raising experience for children and parents, we also contributed financially to the project with the products sold at the AÇEV stand. We will continue to host the project in the coming period.

Alenen Sanat Projesi (Openly Performed Art Project)

With the motivation of discovering new generations of artists and promoting their works and performances, 11 out of the 87 artworks created as part of the Alenen Sanat (Publicly Presented Art) project—an interdisciplinary platform developed in collaboration with the İyilik İçin Sanat (Art for Good) Association and Akasya Kültür Sanat (Akasya Culture and Arts)—were acquired by art enthusiasts. Additionally, sponsorship was extended to 3 feature films, and 33 theater productions were brought to the stage.

I am a Mother: I Would Do Anything for My Child

Launched in 2012, the ‘Anneyim: Çocuğumun Gelişimi İçin Her Şeyi Yaparım’ (I am a Mother: I Would Do Anything for My Child’s Development) Akbatı Facebook page shares content aimed at raising awareness among parents throughout the year.


KidZania Istanbul

KidZania Istanbul has been actively involved in the corporate social responsibility project ‘Daha İyi Bir Dünya İçin Kocaman Bir Kalbim Var’ (I Have a Big Heart for a Better World) since its opening in 2014. As part of the collaborations with 300 different NGOs, public institutions and universities over the past nine years, 130 thousand visitors have benefited from the experience of learning while having fun free of charge. KidZania Istanbul strives to provide an accessible and comfortable experience for all visitors. The attraction tailors its services to meet the needs of children with special requirements, having undergone training from NGOs such as the Tohum Autism Foundation and the Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey. For visually impaired visitors, Braille alphabet is used on paper currencies (KidZos) and elevators, while flat floor entrances and appropriate door sizes in the activity areas provide convenience for wheelchair users. Additionally, the Aviation Academy and Driving Academy activity areas have been designed with one seat removed to facilitate access for wheelchair users. KidZania Istanbul raises awareness on environmental, social and economic issues for children and their parents through activities such as Earthquake Simulation Center, Electricity Center, E-Waste Recycling and Sorting Center, Social Volunteering and University.