About Akiş REIT

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Established under the umbrella of Akkök Holding in 2005, Akiş REIT continues to leverage its extensive experience and expertise in the real estate sector — a strategic business area within the Holding — across various projects. On May 18, 2012, Akiş REIT was granted the title of Real Estate Investment Trust following its application to the Capital Markets Board. Subsequently, it commenced trading on the Istanbul Stock Exchange on January 9, 2013. With the motto ‘Your happiness is at the heart of everything we do,’ Akiş REIT is committed to realizing projects that stand out for their quality in the real estate sector.

After the remarkable success of Akbatı, opened in 2011, Akiş REIT embarked on another significant project, completing Akasya in 2014. Akiş REIT merged with SAF REIT in 2017, further solidifying its position in the real estate sector. Breaking new ground among real estate investment trust companies in Turkey, Akiş REIT has turned to street retailing as an alternative approach to shopping mall investments. The operational real estate of Akiş REIT in this field is Erenköy Apartment, which was opened on Bağdat Street in 2021 and leased to the Boyner brand.

Our Future Objectives

Our objective is to enhance the customer experience by creating value-added projects that prioritize innovation and sustainability. We strive to maintain high occupancy rates while continuously distinguishing ourselves from the competition through new experience and attraction centers located within our shopping malls. As one of the leading names in the sector, Akiş REIT remains resolute in its commitment to make a difference through sustainable projects that are strategically located and aligned with emerging trends.