Shareholding Structure

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Akiş GYO A.Ş. Partnership Structure

ShareholderCapital Amount (TRY)Rate%
Raif Ali Dinçkök120.138.980,2014,92%
Akkök Holding A.Ş.118.039.924,3414,66%
Alize Dinçkök72.297.587,408,98%
Nilüfer Dinçkök Çiftçi65.593.125,558,15%
Alina Dinçkök45.661.756,795,67%
Other and Free Float*383.268.626,0047,61%

Raif Ali Dinçkök and Nilüfer Dinçkök Çiftçi hold TRY 36,353,239.81 of Group A (registered) shares of the capital. Group A shares have the privilege to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors.