Our Sustainability Approach and Achievements

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As one of the largest entities in its sector in Turkey in terms of both assets and market capitalization, Akiş REIT generates a significant impact across social, environmental, and economic spheres through its commercial real estate properties.

While passionately creating value for all stakeholders by transforming its impact in these areas into a positive quality, the Company also embraces leading the sustainable development of its operational geography as one of its fundamental duties.

Akiş REIT, awarded the highest Corporate Governance Rating in its sector by Independent Institutions, not only commits to carrying the value it creates for all stakeholders into the future by leading the sector but also makes remarkable efforts to sustain the positive impact in the social, economic, and environmental fields.

Highest rated REIT in the BIST Sustainability Index and the first REIT to be included in the BIST Sustainability Index
The first and only REIT to publicly report to CDP
The first REIT and corporate company in Turkey, other than financial institutions, to receive an ESG Rating from Sustainable Fitch
United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) participant
Ranked in the top 10 with 86 points among 470 residential and commercial real estate companies in the world reporting to the Refinitiv Sustainability Platform
Equal Women at Work certification, a breakthrough in the real estate sector

With the target and vision of being a pioneer and benchmark in its sector, Akiş REIT focuses on creating sustainable value while developing processes and methods that are aligned with the rapidly developing technology.

Sustainability management in our company is carried out by a working group formed with the representation of the following Departments:

This body is responsible for reviewing sustainability performance, establishing relevant targets, communicating with stakeholders, and preparing the sustainability report.


The United Nations Global Compact initiative was launched to unite UN regional offices, labor organizations, non-governmental organizations, governments, and businesses in developing 10 universal principles that cover areas such as human rights, labor standards, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Akiş REIT, a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2019, operates in accordance with the 10 principles outlined in this agreement Akiş REIT also communicates its progress in adhering to the principles of this voluntary initiative with all stakeholders through its annual Sustainability Reports.