Salary and Benefits

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Our approach in Wage Management is to determine employees’ wages within the framework of a fair and competitive company policy. Our aim is to increase the motivation of employees by distinguishing and rewarding them according to their performance through systematic methods.

Akiş GYO creates its wage policy based on job sizes determined by internationally accepted standard methods. Wage policy; Current wages in the company are determined by competitive conditions, market dynamics, and the company’s ability to pay. Sectoral and general market information regarding wages is provided by a company that is specialized in this field.

Wage information, which is part of the agreement between the employee and the company, is confidential and belongs to the individual.

Our employees are paid 12 salaries per year.

Side Benefits

Benefit packages offered to all our employees in line with their job levels are reviewed every year to meet the expectations of our employees and maintain our competitiveness in the market.

Annual Leaves

Severance Period Annual Leave is as follows;

Seniority PeriodAnnual Leave Day
1-5 years (including 5 years)14 business days
6-15 years20 business days
15 years and above (15 years included)26 business days