Education and Development

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Education and Development

Our company aims to improve company performance and individual performances with our principle of continuous development. It is ensured that all training and development activities are compatible with company strategies and goals. In the Personal Development Planning process; With different tools such as 360 Degree Evaluation and Evaluation Center, development areas and related development activities are defined for the employee from a multifaceted perspective. In addition, employees follow current developments by taking part in different processes within the company.

Employees are responsible for their own individual development. Executive support is essential; Provides opportunities and monitors development. During the HR development process, it plays the role of mentor and coach in ensuring that the person reaches the goal they want to achieve.

To employees who support development; Different development tools such as on-the-job learning, job rotation, training programs, mentoring, coaching, job enrichment and projects are offered.

Career Management - Let's Say a Few Words

In order to get to know our employees closely, listen to their stories, hear their development needs, learn their career expectations and get their general needs and expectations about life at work, a one-on-one meeting called “Let’s Say 2 Words” is held with Human Resources once a year. This personal and face-to-face conversation, held in a cafe outside the office, over coffee and tea, is an indication of the family atmosphere and sincerity we have as Akiş GYO employees. Let’s Say Two Words also provides our employees with a trusting environment where they can easily share any issue related to their work and themselves and be sure that it will be worked on sincerely.