Sustainable Fitch Releases the First ESG Report in Türkiye for Akiş REIT

Sustainable Fitch has released the first ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) report for a corporate entity in Türkiye outside the financial sector, specifically for Akiş Real Estate Investment Trust. In the report, Akiş REIT’s environmental, social, and governance practices were assessed, and it was noted that the company’s practices are at the second-highest level.

The report highlighted that Akiş REIT, the only real estate investment trust in the BIST Sustainability Index, operates in compliance with the Capital Markets Board’s Corporate Governance Principles. The report also emphasized that Akiş REIT holds the highest ‘Corporate Governance Rating’ in its sector.

Levent Çanakçılı, the General Manager of Akiş REIT, has emphasized that Akiş REIT will continue to integrate sustainability into every aspect, considering it an indispensable part of their corporate culture, and he stated: “Through our energy and water efficiency initiatives, we have achieved savings in both our shopping and lifestyle centers in 2022. “In line with our commitment to the social dimension of sustainability, in addition to the environmental aspect, we have continued our initiatives to enhance the personal and professional development of our most valuable asset, our employees. Furthermore, we have continued the projects that create added value for the community. We have become the first company in our sector to receive the “Equal Women at Work” certificate as a result of the steps we have taken to become a preferred employer brand by offering equal social opportunities in the business world, as in every field.”

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