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Akasya, Enjoyable Shopping Experience, Rich Social Life Options and More...

Akasya was built on an area of 121,000 m² in Acıbadem. Consisting of 1,357 saleable units and a shopping mall with a leasable area of 80,484 m², the project comprises three phases: Grove, Lake and Urban.

The Grove and Lake Phases were opened to settlement in 2012, and the delivery of the Urban Phase was also finalized. Akasya Shopping Center, situated in the Urban Phase, has approximately 250 stores and opened for business on March 6, 2014.

Akasya stands as a paramount project, not only on the Anatolian side but throughout Istanbul, offering a delightful shopping experience, a wide range of social amenities, green spaces harmonized with the energy of the lakes that allow you to be in touch with nature, numerous charming squares crafted for outdoor enjoyment, and convenient transportation options.

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Hosting Turkey's leading theater plays and many concerts, Akasya Kültür Sanat won the 'New Venues Award' at the Direklerarası Seyircileri Istanbul Awards and the Golden Stevie Award in the 'Best Product and Service of the Year' category at the International Business Awards.

The first and only KidZania in Turkey, located in Akasya, is a Children's Land where children between the ages of 1-14 can experience various professions that promote their motor skills as well as their physical and social abilities, have the freedom to make choices, use their creativity, play and produce! In this space, children can experience any profession they want and learn to take responsibility like an adult.

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With the launch of the Akasya mobile application in 2019, we introduced a new feature to our marketing activities, enhancing interaction through online campaigns, games, and interactive applications and contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the application downloaded on smart mobile devices, we have introduced discounts and campaigns for special occasions.

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