Environmental Collaboration Between Akasya and Binbin Scooters

In a written statement regarding the subject Akasya said, “BinBin Scooters, which provides instant rental opportunities and facilitates urban transportation with its user-friendly mobile application, is now in front of the main entrance gate of Akasya. With this collaboration, Akasya aims to reduce its carbon footprint, to encourage its guests to use electric vehicles, and to realize environmentally friendly, fun and practical transportation solutions. Exclusive discounts and surprises await BinBin users on their way to and from the shopping mall. By downloading the Akasya Mobile Application and use the app with BinBin rides, users will enjoy a 20 percent discount twice with a two-use code. In addition, Akasya Mobile Application users will be given coffee for the opening of Akasya BinBin stop.”


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