Akbatı Adds Life to Life in Its New Age

Within the scope of its ninth anniversary celebrations, Akbatı will sow 9 thousand tree seeds from the air in cooperation with Ecording, which brings a new perspective to afforestation studies. Developing sustainable living projects with meaningful support in its new age, Akbatı expects all its guests to support the forest that will consist of cedar and red pine trees.

Carrying out many sustainable projects for people and the environment since its establishment in 2011, Akbatı celebrated its ninth anniversary in September. Akbatı adds an innovative perspective to its afforestation activities for its exciting adventure of nine years. For its ninth anniversary, it is greening hard-to-reach areas by making use of environmental technologies in cooperation with Ecording. Developed by Ecording, ecoDrones, unmanned aerial vehicles that shoot seed balls from the air in hard-to-reach areas that need to be afforested, also ensure that seeds meet the soil in a healthy and fast manner. Images of the planting of 9,000 seed balls via ecoDrones from the air, which will take place in October, will be shared very soon.

Bringing a new perspective to afforestation studies, Ecording shoots 2,500 seeds in just 10 minutes in hard-to-reach areas with the ecoDrones it has developed. With the application of Ecording, “Where is my tree”, it is possible to see how the seeds that are planted meet the nature and the status of the saplings can be followed

Akbatı invites its guests to support the ninth anniversary celebrations organized with the philosophy of sustainable life. Guests can support the throwing of free seed balls by scanning the QR code on Akbatı’s official social media accounts and on the posters in the shopping mall.

In its ninth year, Akbatı will continue to get in touch with people and every aspect of life, with a huge forest of cedar and red pine trees.

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