Training and Development


The continuous development principle adopted in our company aims to improve both corporate and individual performance. All training and development activities are carried out in perfect alignment with the strategies and the goals of the company. During the Personal Development Planning process, development areas and related development activities are defined for each employee through a versatile perspective, and by utilizing tools such as 360-degree evaluation system, and Development and Assessment Center. In addition, employees keep up with current developments by taking part in different internal processes within the company.

Employees are responsible of their own personal development. Support from managers is essential, as they provide opportunities to employees and monitor the progress of their development. The HR department acts both as a mentor and a coach to ensure that employees fulfill their goals.

In this respect, the department strives to provide various tools to support employee development such as on-the-job training, job rotation, mentorship, coaching, job enrichment and projects.


The HR department arranges annual one-to-one meetings called “2 Çift Laf Edelim” (“Let’s Have a Talk”) in order to get to know our employees more closely, to listen to their stories, to hear about their development needs, to find out their career expectations and to discuss their overall needs and expectations with them. These face-to-face conversations are held while having a coffee or tea somewhere outside the office, as an indication of the family-like and welcoming atmosphere at Akiş REIT. “2 Çift Laf Edelim” (“Let’s Have a Talk”) conversations also provide a safe environment to our employees, where they can share anything about their jobs or themselves, and feel confident that the issues will be addressed with the utmost attention.