Sustainability Approach


Akiş REIT, one of the biggest players in its sector in terms of asset and market value in Turkey, creates wide social, environmental and economic impact areas with its commercial real estate. While the company passionately generates value for all its stakeholders by transforming its influence in these areas to a positive nature, it considers pioneering the sustainable development of its operational geography as one of its fundamental duties.

Akiş REIT, which was deemed worthy of the highest Corporate Governance Rating of the sector by Independent Institutions, is committed to carrying the value it creates for all its stakeholders into the future by guiding the sector, as well as making an outstanding effort to sustain the positive value it creates in the social, economic and environmental fields.

Akiş GYO, in line with the corporate accumulation of Akkök Group of Companies and its own industry experience, realizes examplary sustainability practices for Turkey and its sector.

Akiş GYO, with the aim and vision of being a pioneer and an example in its sector, focuses on creating sustainable value on;

• Digitalization and Information Security
• Climate Safety
• Employment Practices
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Customer Satisfaction
• Corporate Governance
• Social Investments and Contribution to Society

and develops processes and methods suitable for rapidly developing technology.

In Akiş REIT, the sustainability management is carried out by a working group formed with the representation of the General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Planning and Investor Relations, Human Resources, Construction Management and Public Relations, Financial and Administrative Affairs departments. This entity is responsible for reviewing the sustainability performance, determining the relevant targets, stakeholder communication and preparing the sustainability report.


The United Nations Global Compact was initiated with the aim of bringing the business world together with UN regional offices, labor organizations, non-governmental organizations and governments to develop ten universal principles covering human rights, labor standards, environment and corruption.

Akiş GYO, as a participant since 2019, operates in accordance with the 10 principles UN Global Compact. Akiş REIT also shares its progress in compliance with the principles, which it has adopted on a voluntary basis, with all stakeholders through its annual Sustainability Reports.

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