In a written statement regarding the subject Akasya said, "BinBin Scooters, which provides instant rental opportunities and facilitates urban transportation with its user-friendly mobile application, is now in front of the main entrance gate of Akasya. With this collaboration, Akasya aims to reduce its carbon footprint, to encourage its guests to use electric vehicles, and to realize environmentally friendly, fun and practical transportation solutions. Exclusive discounts and surprises await BinBin users on their way to and from the shopping mall. By downloading the Akasya Mobile Application and use the app with BinBin rides, users will enjoy a 20 percent discount twice with a two-use code. In addition, Akasya Mobile Application users will be given coffee for the opening of Akasya BinBin stop.”



Akasya and Akbatı shopping malls announced that they have received the I-REC International Renewable Energy Certificate issued by IRECS International to expand the investment and use of renewable energy. In a written statement AKİŞ REIT said “With this system, which ensures that every unit of electricity produced is tracked starting from its source and can be traced to the final consumer, it contributes to consumers making a conscious and reliable choice.”

Akasya and Akbatı shopping malls within Akiş GYO switched to 100% renewable green energy and received I-REC certification. With this certificate, the electricity usage of the two shopping malls produced from renewable energy sources will be documented. While this study makes a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions, the system will also support sustainable living. In Akasya and Akbatı, it is predicted that a carbon reduction of approximately 90 thousand trees will be achieved in return for the electricity consumption to be used, and this carbon reduction will be equal to approximately 1 million trees by 2031.

AKİŞ REIT also stated that "With this system, which ensures that every unit of electricity produced is traced from its source to the end consumer, it contributes to consumers making a conscious and reliable choice. I-REC Renewable Energy Certificate, the international certification system that certifies that the electricity produced or consumed by RECS International is produced from renewable energy sources, is used extensively in Europe and the USA with the aim of popularizing renewable energy investments and consumption. In the current scenario in Turkey, renewable energy certification operates in line with national (YEK-G) and international (I-REC) regulations. Since 2015, renewable energy power plants in Turkey have been carried out under the supervision of certification within the scope of the I-REC standard. Akasya and Akbatı shopping centers were previously entitled to receive the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment-Environmental Assessment Method) Sustainable Building Certificate, as well as the Zero Waste Certificate, which is the building environmental assessment system adopted in 25 countries around the world.”



Within the scope of its ninth anniversary celebrations, Akbatı will sow 9 thousand tree seeds from the air in cooperation with Ecording, which brings a new perspective to afforestation studies. Developing sustainable living projects with meaningful support in its new age, Akbatı expects all its guests to support the forest that will consist of cedar and red pine trees.

Carrying out many sustainable projects for people and the environment since its establishment in 2011, Akbatı celebrated its ninth anniversary in September. Akbatı adds an innovative perspective to its afforestation activities for its exciting adventure of nine years. For its ninth anniversary, it is greening hard-to-reach areas by making use of environmental technologies in cooperation with Ecording. Developed by Ecording, ecoDrones, unmanned aerial vehicles that shoot seed balls from the air in hard-to-reach areas that need to be afforested, also ensure that seeds meet the soil in a healthy and fast manner. Images of the planting of 9,000 seed balls via ecoDrones from the air, which will take place in October, will be shared very soon.

Bringing a new perspective to afforestation studies, Ecording shoots 2,500 seeds in just 10 minutes in hard-to-reach areas with the ecoDrones it has developed. With the application of Ecording, “Where is my tree”, it is possible to see how the seeds that are planted meet the nature and the status of the saplings can be followed

Akbatı invites its guests to support the ninth anniversary celebrations organized with the philosophy of sustainable life. Guests can support the throwing of free seed balls by scanning the QR code on Akbatı's official social media accounts and on the posters in the shopping mall.

In its ninth year, Akbatı will continue to get in touch with people and every aspect of life, with a huge forest of cedar and red pine trees.

01.07.2016 Akiş REIT and Saf REIT begin merger talks

In accordance with the company's strategic plans and targets in the real estate sector, Akiş REIT has disclosed that it has begun negotiations on a merger with SAF REIT on the Public Disclosure Platform. Gökşin Durusoy, Akiş REIT Board Member and General Manager, stated that the merger of Akiş REIT and SAF REIT merger will be an important step towards sustainable growth.

Gayrimenkul Network


Akiş REIT and SAF REIT have begun discussing a merger. In accordance with the company's strategic plans and targets in the real estate sector, Akiş REIT has disclosed that it has begun negotiations on a merger with SAF REIT on the Public Disclosure Platform. Gökşin Durusoy, Akiş REIT Board Member and General Manager, said: "We have begun discussing a merger between Akiş REIT and SAF REIT. Following a successful merger, we are going to take an important step towards sustainable growth. In the coming period, we will remain on a path of steady growth and will maintain our vision by being pioneers in the real estate industry," said Durusoy. Akiş REIT, a prominent player in the industry, with total assets of 1.8 billion Turkish lira and shareholders' equity of 1 billion Turkish lira, aims to strengthen its position through this merger. In addition to Akbatı Shopping Mall and street retailing projects, Akiş REIT seeks to earn important rental income with the extension of its portfolio with Akasya Shopping Mall, within SAF REIT, and to become one of the largest REITs in Turkey.

GMTR Gayrimenkul Türkiye


Mergers are one of the frequent transactions on the stock exchange. The latest news in this area was between REIT companies last week. Merger discussions have begun between Akiş REIT and SAF REIT. With this strengthening move, in addition to Akbatı Shopping Mall and street retail projects, Akiş REIT aims to reach a notable rental income with SAF REIT's Akasya Shopping Mall into its portfolio. Akiş REIT Board Member and General Manager Gökşin Durusoy stated that following a successful merger, they are going to take an important step towards sustainable growth.


30.04.2013 Turkey’s Akkök to pour $ 1bln into carbon fiber

Turkish Akkök Group, which focuses on chemicals, energy, textiles and real estate development, grew 7 percent last year and has eyes on more with its rising investments in new sectors including carbon fiber trade. Akkök Group had $3.1 billion in turnover and a net profit of $409 million. "AkkökGroup made a $480 million investment last year and plans to make $565 million in 2013 to continue to grow” said Ahmet Dördüncü, Akkök Group's CEO. The group plans to continue electricity production through Akenerji and to invest $1 billion in its activities in carbon fiber over the next five years. Aksa Acrylic Chemicals, the chemical company of Akkök Group, formed a joint venture with the Dow Chemical Company to manufacture and commercialize carbon fiber and derivatives. The new company is named DowAksa. DowAksa, RUSNANO and Holding Company Composite (HCC) signed on January 2013 a memorandum of intent (MOI) to develop a comprehensive strategy to launch production of carbon fiber intermediates, composite materials and solutions in Russia. The parties have agreed to explore opportunities in the areas of aerospace, infrastructure, energy, oiland gas, and transportation, as well as to explore supplying both the Russian domestic and globalmarkets.

02.05.2011 A boutique residence to neighbor Akbatı

Setting out to road with Akmerkez, Akiş Gayrimenkul is now handling three prestigious projects. Statements by Gökşin Durusoy suggests that a boutique residence will be neighboring Akbatı in Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir soon. Akiş Gayrimenkul is a well-known name for its prestigious construction projects realized in both sides of Istanbul. Keeping up its Akbatı Residences project in Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir, as well as itüs Akasya project in Acıbadem, Kadıköy, Anatolian side, together with Akkoza, in which it has a 25% stake, plans to give a start to apartment handover process in December, 2011. At Akbatı Residences & Akbatı Shopping and Life Center Project owned up by Akiş itself, 85% of the sales are now done. New projects are in the pipeline. Gökşin Durusoy, Member of Board of Directors and General Manager of Akiş Gayrimenkul Yatırımı A. Ş., says that they are realizing distinctive, value-creating, innovative and prestigious projects designed to add value to their locations since 1993, the year in which they started to build Akmerkez, adds about what to do from now on: “We will keep up developing projects which offer a high investment value. We are attracted to a mass of people who’d like to have a different life style rather than merely a house and who are open to change and innovation and who are not making sacrifices on their desire to lead a good life with expectations for quality, comfort and service. Our new housing concept to neighbor our Akbatı project will be realized with this concept on mind. This will be a butique residence.”

He attributes the success in getting such a high level of sales, being 85 percent, at Akbatı with this essential concept to which they are loyal and adds: “Confidence in our company is, as a matter of fact, the essence of things. Among other significant reasons for preference are concept of the project, high quality and comfort standards, advanced technology solutions, social areas specific to residence inhabitants only, easy access and residence services offered.” Pointing out that they are aiming to create environmentally friendly living areas, Durusoy adds that Akbatı being an environmentally responsive project has been designed in conformity with ‘green building’ certification criteria within the framework of energy efficiency and optimization and that, when finished, will have been entitled to ‘green building’ certificate, as such.

Durusoy’s comments about probable reasons for residence-oriented consumers as follows: “Apart from smart home system, living room and all rooms have VRV/VRF system, as well as IPTV data infrastructure. All residence units have a floor height of 3.5 m and ceiling-to-floor glass application and all such features provide the interiors with extra spaciousness. Residence inhabitants to live at Akbatı will find themselves hand in hand with the nature, while walking througn the water-lilly and lavender gardens, apart from enjoying the pleasure of “Vertical Garden”, a first in Turkey, balconies facing the vertical green wall. At Akbatı, 7/24 security, 7/24 emergency ambulance, concierge, technical servicing facilities and management system will be handled by a professional team. Concierge services cover all services which you could get from a hotel, from wake-up call service to optionally private house cleaning.

DESIGN LONE / Lighting by natural lights
He notes that concept design of Akbatı Shopping and Life Center has been made by George Black and Jim Baeck, American DDG architects, and that design of Akbatı Residences, a compenent of the project, consisting of 348 residences in 21-storied Blue Tower and 11-storied Green Tower has been made by KG Mimarlık. Baeck, architect from DDG who underlined the design outlines at Akbatı, says: “During the designing process, we are focused within the larger framework from general to specific aspects with due regard to the project storyline. In the subsequent steps, we channel our energy towards details, colors, textures, scale and form. And our contribution during the construction step is to help our customer solve problems facing them in a coherent way. In this project, we gave priority to creation of a reinforced natural environment, through spaces lit by natural light.

01.04.2011 Final coundown for the opening Akbatı Shopping and Life Center started!

Akbatı Shopping and Life Center, a blockbuster project of Akiş Gayrimenkul Yatırımı A.Ş., which are noteworthy with its high quality, comfort and service standards, in Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir, is scheduled to open its doors to general public in August, 2011. Akbatı, being the first living complex which would make people of Esenyurt meet with recidence concept and services in a real sense of the world, is composed of 348 residence units erected on top of the largest and most modern shopping centers of Istanbul, as well as of common quarters and social amenities. 21-storied Blue Tower erected on social amenities combined with 4-storied shopping center and 11-story Green Tow houses flat apartments from 1+1 to 5+1; as well as loft, terraced, penthouse and duptex units. Project offers a wide variety of housing unit choices from 1+1 apartment with a living surface of 77 squaremeters to 6+1 with a living surface of 571 squaremeters. 85 percent of the housing units are now sold at Akbatı Residences, and apartment buyers will experience a high living standard here. Residents of Akbatı will be able to walk around in a deep green garden with accompaniment of lavender smells on the one hand; and to have a environmentally friendly, peaceful and joyful life there. On the other hand, they will live in an environment where every detail is considered beforehand for their comfort and security. A floor hight of 3.5 m for each apartment planned for the sake of enhancing sense of spaciousness; noise wall made on the TEM side for the sake of ensuring noise insulation; smart home system, Intercom, alarm and monitoring systems are among features which underline distinctiveness of this project.. And Akbatı Shopping and Life Center lies right next to it will be at disposal of all visitors with about 200 stores, 9 cinema theatres, restaurants to serve world cuisines, children’s game and training fields.

20.01.2010 Property Firm İn New investment

Noting that real estate has been a rising star in Turkey for the last 25 years, he said that shopping centers have constituted another attraction in the real estate sector in recent years. "We expect the investments to increase. According to analysts, the investment amount of the projects announced by foreigners in Turkey exceeds $10 billion." Akiş aims to continue its expertise in shopping and life center development, noted Akiş Managing Director Gökşin Durusoy. "In order to progress toward this goal more rapidly, we restructured awhile ago our real estate investment and development portfolio." Noting that the finn expects to invest $220 million for Akbah, Durusoy said that the project is expected to draw elites to the region swiftly. Alize Dinçkök Eyüboğlu, board member and sales and marketing manager of Akiş, informed on what the project offers for people. "Those who own apartments in Akbah will see very high life standards. They will have a chance to lead a nature-friendly, peaceful and blissful life. Besides, we offer them an environment with every detail considered beforehand for their comfort and security." The apartments offer special features such as sound isolation, alarm and monitoring systems. Akbah will include around 300 stores, nine theaters, restaurants with various world kitchens as well as playground and training spaces for children, said Eyüboğlu. The turnkey in Akbati is expected to start in 2011, while the shopping center is likely to open doors for visitors in the same year. Akkök Group is the creator of the Akmerkez Shopping Center on Istanbul's European side and the Akasya project on Anatolian side of the city.

Akiş Gayrimenkul Yatırımı, a subsidiary of Turkey's Akkök Group, is launching its new project in Istanbul's EsenyurtBahçeşehir area with an investment cost of $220 million. The Akbati Life and Shopping Center consists of 348 residences and common living areas and social facilities rising over one of the largest and most modern shopping malls of Istanbul, the firm said yesterday in a press release. The residences, whose sizes range between 67 and 571 square meters, are offered at prices starting from 186,000 liras. Speaking at the meeting held at the Four Seasons Bosphorus to introduce the project to press members, Akkök Board Member and Akiş Chairman Raif Ali Dinçkök said that the group adopted real estate as one of its main business lines within the framework of the strategic vision it designated in 2005. "Akiş is involved in projects with a construction area of 1.2 million square meters at present." said Dinçkök.