Akiş REIT and SAF REIT Begin Merger Talks

Akiş REIT and SAF REIT have begun discussing a merger. In accordance with the company’s strategic plans and targets in the real estate sector, Akiş REIT has disclosed that it has begun negotiations on a merger with SAF REIT on the Public Disclosure Platform. Gökşin Durusoy, Akiş REIT Board Member and General Manager, said: “We have begun discussing a merger between Akiş REIT and SAF REIT. Following a successful merger, we are going to take an important step towards sustainable growth. In the coming period, we will remain on a path of steady growth and will maintain our vision by being pioneers in the real estate industry,” said Durusoy. Akiş REIT, a prominent player in the industry, with total assets of 1.8 billion Turkish lira and shareholders’ equity of 1 billion Turkish lira, aims to strengthen its position through this merger. In addition to Akbatı Shopping Mall and street retailing projects, Akiş REIT seeks to earn important rental income with the extension of its portfolio with Akasya Shopping Mall, within SAF REIT, and to become one of the largest REITs in Turkey.

GMTR Gayrimenkul Türkiye

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