Compensation System


Our approach to Compensation Management is based on determining employee salaries pursuant to a corporate policy that is fair and competitive. We aim to motivate our employees by utilizing performance-based systematic methods to differentiate and recognize them.

The compensation policy of Akiş REIT is based on the job sizes identified in accordance with internationally accepted standard methods. The compensation policy is based on the current salaries, conditions of competition, market dynamics and the company’s monetary strength. Information on compensation in the industry and the market is procured from a company specialized in this field.

Compensation information is subject to the contract between the employee and the company, and thus it is confidential and private.

Annual employee salaries are paid in 12 monthly wages.


Employee benefit packages are based on length of service, and they are revised to meet the needs of our employees and to maintain our competitive edge in the market.


The number of annual leave days by length of service is shown below:

Length of Service Annual Leave Days
1-5 years (5 years included) 14 business days
6-15 years 20 business days
15 years or more (15 years included) 26 business days